Name: Arachni - X
Height: 3m
Mass: 1.5 t
Homeworld: Tancane

Arachnids are some of nature's most adaptable life forms, and on many of the galaxy's habitable worlds have at least one if not several dozens of arachnid species, living up its surface, underneath it or even above it. So skillful arachnids have become that they can even live in ice cold environments, super hot environments and areas that have a heavier gravity than most other worlds.

Although not encountered yet, the Federation's scientific society does not rule out the existence of arachnid species that live in the vacuum of space, it's only a matter of time until Federation scouts come across such a species. (And survives the encounter to tell the Federation in case the arachnid in question is larger than the scout)

The specimen Samus Aran encountered in the Reactor Core section of the BSL station in orbit above SR388 was a rare Tancanees Hunting Spider the Federation had managed to capture on the desolate surface of Tancane. Located midrim from the Galactic Core, the planet Tancane is a dry, windy planet with harsh conditions were only the most adapted life forms can survive. The Hunting Spider is perfectly adapted to this environment and has developed appropriate hunting techniques.

Instead of building a web like most arachnids do, the Hunting Spider instead is an active hunter. Hiding in the through wind cut out caverns that are located through the many canyons of the planet, the Hunting Spider stays low until a prey comes along. Once a prey does, the Hunting Spider immediately pursues it through the canyons with its eight legs that can stick on almost every surface, but should the prey be capable of flying and try to loose the pursuing spider by going into the air, the prey will be in for another surprise. The Hunting Spider has a unique organ that allows it to mimic the workings of the Chozo designed Space Jump artifact. Being able to continuously ‘jumping' into the air, the spider can pursue its prey to a certain height.

It was also this ability that made capture of a Hunting Spider by Federation hunting parties very hard as the spider had the tendency to use its Space Jump ability to constantly escape capture. As shooting the spider down while in midair could prove to be hazardous for the spider, the hunting party spends several weeks at making a trap from which a Hunting Spider could not escape. Like several known arachnid species, the Hunting Spider males and females are different in appearance; the female of the species is far larger than the male. In Hunting Spider society the male only exists to impregnate the female and make sure there will be a new generation of Hunting Spiders. Once the male and female have mated, the female for the extra nutrition she will require when laying eggs usually devours the male. Even if the male manages to escape the female it will only be a few dies before the male dies, as he has served his purpose in nature.

After impregnation, the Hunting Spider lays several hundreds of eggs, which it guards viciously against all form of predators that might try to steal or eat an egg. Even those creatures that have no desire at all to eat the eggs and by mistake enter the lair of the Hunting Spider become victim of this instinct. Several weeks later the eggs hatch and releases the little spiders that take up residence on the underside of their mother for protection. They feed together with the mother, and only leave her once they are big enough to fend for themselves. Almost all spiders in nature are poisonous and the Hunting Spider is no exception, both male and female have glands containing poison, which are connected to the largest fangs.

The BSL station in high orbit above SR388 managed to contain a female of the species in the Tropical Habitat, as scientists wished to studied its natural Space Jump ability and find out the mechanism inside it. When the X organism invaded the station the Hunting Spider was also infected with X but was still trapped in its containment chamber. When the Mother Plant started to grow beyond control, its many roots ripped apart some of the walls of the containment chambers and allowed the creatures inside it to escape into other sections of the station, including the trapped spider. It now had build its lair in a room next to the main reactor silo where it waited until a prey passed by, unfortunate for it the only one who entered it s lair was Space Hunter Samus Aran who managed to defeat the spider despite its speed.

The X organism that had taken over the Hunting Spider had altered a bit of the spider's genetic structure by adding new genes to it, giving the spider the ability to ‘spit' a form of napalm at its prey. The X organism also absorbed the spider's Space Jump ability and became a Mega Core X in the process. Halfway the battle between Samus and the spider, the spider lost its legs and now used its Space Jump ability to rapidly move from one side of the room to the other while spitting parts of itself at Samus. Samus still managed to defeat the spider and released the Mega Core X inside it. From the Mega Core X Samus absorbed, she regained her suit's Space Jump ability.