Name: Autoad (aw towd)
Height: 1.7m
Mass: 700 lbs
Homeworld: Believed to be SR388

During their brief settlement of SR388, the Chozo created a series of automatons to make their daily lives easier, to keep them company, to do difficult or dangerous work, and to guard and defend important sites and buildings. When the Chozo were forced to leave SR388 most of these automatons were left behind. Some of them deteriorated beyond repair while other continued their original programming or simply kept functioning without a purpose at all, becoming a hazard for the life of SR388 or any unfortunate visitor who might stumble on these machines. The Chozo that colonized SR388 to serve as labor droids to construct and maintain Chozo settlements and structures and to expand the cavern system for future Chozo dwellings, primarily designed Autoads.

For this task Autoads were equipped with various tools and equipment and designed with maneuverability in mind. However due to the delicacy of some of the tools a thruster (or anti gravity system) could not be installed, instead the Autoad is equipped with powerful legs.As they were designed for labor, Autoads lack features for conflict, not even as back up or improvised combat units, so no type of weapon system was installed in the unit. Unfortunate rogue Autoads seem to have overcome the problem of the lack of weaponry pretty well, making them dangerous to any living thing around them as Autoads try to smash themselves into possible targets. Like many of their other automatons, a large number of Autoads were left activated when the Chozo abandoned their colony on SR388. As they no longer have any instructions to follow they mindlessly move through the corridors of their masters settlements, running into anything and anyone without any regard.