Name: Autom (aw towm)
Height: 1.3m
Mass: 530lbs
Homeworld: Believed to be SR388

During their brief settlement of SR388, the Chozo created a series of automatons to make their daily lives easier, to keep them company, to do difficult or dangerous work, and to guard and defend important sites and buildings. When the Chozo were forced to leave SR388 most of these automatons were left behind. Some of them deteriorated beyond repair while other continued their original programming or simply kept functioning without a purpose at all, becoming a hazard for the life of SR388 or any unfortunate visitor who might stumble on these machines. The Autom is a sterilization drone, designed to keep certain Chozo structures clear of biological matter such as plants and life forms. For this task it is equipped with a powerful flamethrower that can reach grades as high as 400 Celsius. It is in fact so powerful that the Chozo designers had to develop shielding to protect the Autom from its own tool.

Designed for guard, the Autom is equipped with a powerful small anti gravity drive that allows it to hover a few meters from any surface. It also makes the Autom very fast as unlike a conventional thruster package, an anti gravity field only has to be projected in which direction a droid or vehicle equipped with an anti gravity projector wants to go. Like many of their other machines, an active number of Automs were left online. But as they were programmed to guard a certain part of the underground Chozo settlements they usually form no threat for any scouting party that explores SR388. As its armor was designed to protect it from its own flamethrower the Autom can resist both energy fire as concussion missile impacts, making it a very creation of the mysterious Chozo peoples.