Name: Autrack (aw trak)
Height: 1m (2.5 when extended)
Mass: 600 lbs
Homeworld: Believed to be SR388

During their brief settlement of SR388, the Chozo created a series of automatons to make their daily lives easier, to keep them company, to do difficult or dangerous work, and to guard and defend important sites and buildings. When the Chozo were forced to leave SR388 most of these automatons were left behind. Some of them deteriorated beyond repair while other continued their original programming or simply kept functioning without a purpose at all, becoming a hazard for the life of SR388 or any unfortunate visitor who might stumble on these machines. The Chozo designs the Autrack as a defense droid that operates inside corridors and caverns and possesses programming that allows it to take advantage of its surroundings. A typical Autrack position would be most likely behind a small wall or rock that would allow it to fire from that point at the aggressor. As the Autrack's main plasma cannon is installed on an extensible neck, its main body can stay behind a protective barrier or structure while it cannon moves over it for a few seconds and fires on the attacker before retracting back into its body.

Its plasma cannon its quite powerful and has a long range. Together with its ability to make use of its environment, Autrack are a very dangerous force to engage, thus giving its creators the peace of mind to travel undisturbed. Though powerful offensively, its armor is not capable of protecting it from energy or kinetic weaponry and can easily damage or destroy its outer shell. When severe damage is dealt to it's central CPU (central processing unit), failure of the unit is eminent. Despite the centuries since the Chozo left SR388, a large number of Autracks are operational and are patrolling their master's old settlements for any life form they perceive as an intruder.