Creature Name: Botwoon (ba twoon)
Height: 0.7 m
Length: 12 m
Mass: 2 metric tons
Homeworld: Zebes

Botwoon appears to be the last of its species. Botwoon is asexual but sterile: it is too old to reproduce. Without cloning, there will never be another Botwoon. Botwoon is a long, serpentine predator. Its body has developed into a large number of jointed segments. At one end is its tail, at there other its head. Fins running along the length of the body allow for rapid movement. Botwoon makes its home in holes it burrows into the ground, coming out to feed.

Botwoon is a powerful predator, and has two main methods of attack. One is pretty conventional, biting the prey as it swims by. The other method of attack involves firing out a bunch of small capsules. These capsules contain on enzyme/acid mixture designed to break down living tissue. Botwoon injects a similar mixture in its bite. These break down preys' armor, allowing Botwoon to kill the creature more easily. The capsules are fired in a wide spread while Botwoon keeps the majority of his body hidden in one of his burrows. Botwoon hunts by vision and smell, both of which are very acute.

Botwoon's armor is very strong. Its entire body is covered with interlocking glycoprotein plates. The layout of the plates means that the joints are not a weak point as in many creatures. The only place where the armor is weaker is on the head, where eyes, nose, and jaw joints require softer armor. For that reason Botwoon keeps its head well protected, spending much of its time in its burrows where enemies cannot get to it.