Name: B.O.X (Biological Operations eXecutive)
Height: 3 m
Weight:4 t
Homeworld : Manufactured on Federation world of Gulm

The B.O. series security robot is one of the latest generations of security automatons that are used on Galactic Federation facilities and onboard starships. One of its main improvements over the older security robots is that a biomechanical processor operates the B.O. series.

Biomechanical processors have improved speed and durability compared to the older silicon and diamond based processors, resulting in faster response time and better processing capabilities, eliminating possible errors with an increase of 46 percent effectiveness. Biomechanical processors can also handle far more tasks than the old style systems, where in some robots two or three conventional processors had to be installed to make the robot run properly, one biomechanical processor is more than capable to run a similar unit.

The particular unit Space Hunter Samus Aran faced was designed to operate within the station's many biological habitats, having improved armor to face some of more hostile environment recreations and the life forms that lived in it. The robot was a fail save in case some of the station's more aggressive life forms got out of control. Also, its basic anti personnel weaponry had been upgraded to military standards, the unit was equipped with a Firewall grenade launcher and a multiple missile launcher, making it very lethal in a fight. Unfortunate even its state of the art weaponry, it could not take on the X organisms that invaded the BSL station in orbit above SR388, or defend the station's personnel from the SA - X that was causing havoc throughout the station. As the some of the robot's processor parts are organic, an X could infect the robot and take control of it. While infecting the robot, the X managed to assimilate Wave Beam weapon data that was present in the robot's memory core. It could be that the security personnel had planned to add this feature to the robot's arsenal and that this was the reason why this weapon data was present in the memory core.

The first time Samus faced the infected security robot, it had just finished destroy a Data Room in the Pyr Habitat through which Samus had gained weapon data upgrades minutes earlier. Apparently the X wanted to stop Samus's progress by destroying all Data Rooms, preventing new weapon and technology upgrades becoming available. Only the center of the security robot was somewhat vulnerable, and Samus had to avoid the robot's attempt at ramming her as well as its Firewall grenades while maneuvering so that she could fire at the robot's weak spot. Before she could finish the robot, it fled; causing structural damage which Samus later could use to leave the Pyr Habitat, as the robot had destroyed all exits of the section where the Data Room was located.

The second time Samus faced the robot, it had retreated to the Nocturnal Habitat were it was growing stronger due to the X infection inside it. When Samus found it, it was standing in a pool of water that was electrified by the power from the damaged robot. Again Samus had to maneuver so that she could hit the robot in the center, while at the same time avoiding the missiles the robot fired at her. Samus defeated the robot, and from the biomechanical processor that emerged from its remains, the X that had infected it, appeared. The weapon data it had absorbed, had turned the X into a Core X armed with the Wave Beam weapon. Using tactics she had learned during previous encounters with other Core X, Samus defeated it and reclaimed her Wave Beam weapon.