Creature Name: Boyon (boy yawn)
Height: 1 m
Mass: 0.5 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Boyon is a contradictory creature. It looks weak, but is incredibly tough, yet is mostly harmless to other creatures. Boyons tend to live in small holes in the ground or in lava, or in some cases both at the same time. It is not likely that they do this for protection, as they are too tough for most Zebian species to harm them. The prevailing theory is that this behavior is designed to ambush the Boyon's prey, which is just about anything on Zebes.

Boyon, like all members of the order prolix, feed on the electricity from other species' nervous systems. They are not parasites; instead they trigger neurons to depolarize around the point where they impact their prey. This causes no permanent damage; instead simply numbing the affected are for a limited amount of time. This also prevents Boyons and other hyphae-based species from being eaten, since it is hard to eat when your jaws stop working any time you try to bite one.

Hyphae-based species have evolved behavior that brings them in contact with other species as much as possible, and Boyons are no exception. They wait patiently, hidden in lava or holes (which can either be natural are excavated by the Boyons). When they sense the vibrations made by potential prey, they start leaping up and down in the hope that they might bump into something and thus get energy. Boyons can't see, smell, or hear in a conventional sense; instead vibrations in the ground cause their body to flex, which allows them to "hear" the movements of enemies.

Members of the order prolix, like Boyon, are made up of a dense netting of fibrous cells. These cells, called hyphae (named after the similar cells found in Terran fungi) are less distinct than normal cells, with organelles and cytoplasm flowing somewhat freely between the cells, with only weak semi permeable membranes separating cells from one another. All cells act as muscles, and all cells act as nerves. The cells are somewhat elastic, allowing some hyphaens like Boyons to bounce. This makes a hyphae-based creature's body like one big brain. Although members of the order prolix lack most senses, their cells do react when deformed, giving hyphaens a sense of touch. This also allows some of them, like Boyons, to use their whole body as one big ear. The Boyon's hyphae form a much denser net and are much more heavily reinforced with high-strength glycoproteins and minerals than other hyphae-based creatures' cells, making them extremely resistant to damage but also limiting their maneuverability and raising their weight.

Despite their mostly hollow nature, Boyons are much too dense to float like Multiviolas and much too solid to leap like Puyos. Instead they have to hurl themselves into the air then bounce up and down by selectively relaxing and contracting their body.