Creature Name: Bull (bul)
Diameter: 1.3 m
Mass: 5 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

Bulls are named after the terran artiodactyl based on their temperament, not their appearance. Bulls have a large number of heavily armored eyestalks and siphons all over their plated body. They suck in and process water to extract hydrogen to keep them airborne and oxygen to breath. Even with the buoyant hydrogen in their body, Bulls are denser than air and need to use jets of air to keep them floating while airborne. In water, they are neutrally buoyant and can float without any effort.

Bulls are extremely territorial and aggressive. All parts of a Bull's body armored, and Bulls will ram anything that enters their territory. Bulls are filter feeders, sucking microorganisms from the water (which they are always near), and they need a lot to keep them alive, so the aggression is probably a way to protect their food source.

Bulls reproduce by releasing gametes into the water. Both genders' gametes are mobile, and the follow hormones released by other genders. By following the hormones they eventually come in contact with the other genders gametes and the resulting larvae form then makes its way to a remote area where it goes into a pupa stage. When it emerges it is nearly an adult, and it grows rapidly to adult form. Despite their large size and hard shells, Bulls do not need to shed their shells to grow. Fleshy joints between segments of their shell allow the shell to grow with the body.