Creature Name: Cacatac (kak a tak)
Height: 1.5 m
Mass: 35 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Cacatac, despite its ability to move, is not an animal. It is more closely related to the plants of Zebes. Like most plants on Zebes, it is chemoautotrophic; it gets its energy from the chemicals that leach up from Norfair. Cacatacs generally have rather simple behavior, walking back and forth over a small area, probably to keep from exhausting the airborne chemicals its processes for energy. It looks pretty harmless, being slow and small. That is, until it is disturbed, in which case it inflates itself, and then deflates releasing five high-velocity spines in all directions. The spines are an effective defense mechanism designed to protect the rather unarmed Cacatac from the vicious predators of Zebes.

Cacatacs cannot sense any form of electromagnetic radiation. Instead, it detects the sound waves given off by moving objects, both in the ground through their sensitive feet and in the air through ear-like membranes scattered across the Cacatac's body. They come in multiple color varieties, which are simply camouflage for the particular area they live in. Green Cacatacs live in the jungles of Brinstar, Red Cacatacs live in the red volcanic rock of Norfair, and Purple Cacatacs live in the unusual purple rocks of Maridia.

Cacatacs are very closely related to Yapping Maws, so closely that it is speculated that Cacatac's might actually be juvenile, mobile forms of the Yapping Maw. Their genetic structures are identical as far as can be seen. This is also backed up by the fact that Cacatacs completely lack reproductive organs of any kind.