Creature Name: Choot (chewt)
Height: 0.2 m
Wingspan: 1.7 m
Mass: 8 kg
Planet's Found On: Zebes, SR388

Choots are timid and stupid creatures. When startled they leap into the air and spread membranous "wings", then settle back down in a back and forth motion, sort of like a falling leaf. They will not avoid enemies, and will do nothing else active until they land. For protection from predators, they are covered in a strong acid. Choots are asexual, reproducing by releasing tiny eggs equipped with parachutes. The eggs float to the ground a ways from the parent. The eggs are unprotected and depend on sheer numbers and camouflage for survival.

Adult Choots do not eat. When Choots hatch, if the eggs are not submerged already, they crawl to the nearest body of water. There, they become aquatic predators, feeding on small insects and fish that live in the water on Zebes. They use their wings for control and have a tail that is used for propulsion. In this form they build up a store of protein and fat. When they have grown to adult size, the tail shrivels up and falls off, the mouth seals closed, and they crawl out of the water onto a rock or hill. There they leap up and down, releasing as many eggs as they can. They don't eat at all in this stage, when they run out of fat and protein they die from starvation. The adult Choot's only purpose is to reproduce.