Name: Chozo Core - X
Height: 2m
Mass: 700 lbs
Homeworld: Unknown (retrieved off of SR388)

Although Chozo Globe Holders look like simple statues carved out of stones or other materials the Chozo artists decided to use at the time during the construction, analysis has revealed that some of them are far more than that. Foreseeing a time in which non-Chozo might take control of the former Chozo worlds, the Chozo started to hide some of their more powerful artifacts and technology inside Globe Holder statues. Only those who would know their true purpose would have access to these artifacts while those with evil intent would be unable to use them. Some of them sometimes contain Torizo (see subject Torizo for more on that subject) other can contain very complex Chozo technology that makes the statue function as a collector, collecting natural radiation and converting it into useful energy, almost similar to that inside organic beings. This energy is used to prevent the Globe Holder and the item it holds from deteriorating from the effects of time and the environment the statue is placed in. It also might be the reason what had attracted the X to enter it.

The first Globe Holder statue onboard the BSL station in high orbit above SR388, was discovered in a cavern on the surface Samus Aran had missed in her earlier mission to SR388. This particular statue held the Charge Beam weapon, however the staff from the BSL station were unable to access it when they found the statue. Wishing to study the statue and the artifact it held further, the statue was moved to the BSL station and placed in a chamber within the SR388 Habitat. As the Globe Holder was designed to gain its energy from SR388, the scientists believed that it would continue in the SR388 recreation.

After the X organism invaded the BSL station, it also discovered the Globe Holder and the weapon it held. Instinctively seeking to absorb the most complex and powerful form nearby, an X tried to absorb both the statue and the Charge Beam weapon. When Samus tried to access the artifact the Globe Holder held, she shattered the Globe, not knowing that it and the Chozo statue had been infected. This released the X inside it that assumed the shape of a Core X armed with the Charge Beam. Samus defeated the Core X's shell and absorbed the released X, regaining her Charge Beam weapon.