Name: Core - X
Height: 2m
Mass: 3.7 t
Homeworld: Manufacture origin unknown

A Core X is an X that has absorbed weapon information and has converted it into its own mass. It is now capable of firing this weapon. Its appearance is that of an X with a spiked protective shell around it, making it lethal to touch, however more dangerous is the ‘eye’ that appears in the ‘front’ of the Core X from time to time. Through this ‘eye’ the Core X can fire the weapon it has made part of itself, it is also the only weak spot in the Core X’s shell. By firing weapons such as concussion missiles through it, the shell of the Core X can be shattered and the X inside released so it can be converted back into the weapon whose information the X carries inside itself. Energy fire on its shells surface releases smaller yellow and green X organisms. Like normal X, the Core X detects its prey opponents by air molecule displacement, vibrations, scent, or detecting the bio - electrical energy generated inside living beings.