Creature Name: Crocomire (craw koe mire)
Height: 4.5 m
Mass: 7 metric tons
Homeworld: Zebes

The Crocomire is the massive guardian of upper Norfair. It appears to be the unintended result of rather random space pirate gene splicing experiments. The reasons for these experiments are unknown, but it appears the pirates were rather randomly combining DNA from a number of species on Zebes, possibly to test for genetic compatibility. The Crocomire was the result. It appears the creature's power, and possibly the pirate's likely inability to destroy it, caused the pirates to seal it in middle Norfair as a guardian at a key junction. The pirates appear to lack any sort of control over the creature; it kills anything it comes in contact with (which is why there are no other creatures in the room with the Crocomire).

On the outside the Crocomire looks like a body with arms, legs, and a mouth. It has 4 abnormally short legs and 2 extremely long arms equipped with razor sharp claws. It has 8 eyes and its mouth is almost as long as its entire body. The Crocomire's internal structure is unknown. The plasma shots the Crocomire fires from its mouth are similar to those created by the Alcoon, but also have some major differences. The exact mechanism by which the plasma is created is unknown.

The Crocomire skin is extremely strong, but also very spongy. The sponginess allows it to dissipate the force from extreme blows. The skin has the unique property of being able to take the energy from pretty much any enemy attack and dissipate it to the environment as heat. This makes the Crocomire basically invulnerable to any creature on Zebes, including the pirates themselves. Even the skin in its mouth has this property, although the heat dissipating system there is not as developed.

The Crocomire's reproduction mechanism is unknown. It is thought the rather random combination of genetic structures made the Crocomire sterile. The bio - electrical energy generated inside living beings.