Name: Cyclops - X
Height: 3m
Mass: 2 t
Homeworld: Kreet

The Cyclops was one of the BSL facility's more unique specimens and was kept in the Tropical Habitat of the station. On its home world of Kreet it lives in the great northern forests amongst the long Oshyr trees that these forest are made up of.

Like the trees the Cyclops tries to mimic, it has a plant like appearance and a white almost translucent skin so it can blend in and become almost invisible for potential prey that live in these forests. Its body is long and segmented, having a moist covered like appearance and feels smooth when touched. On top of its head four leaf like antennas stick out, these sensory organs can detect even the slightest vibration in the air caused by potential moving prey. Cyclops also hunts by its one eye with which it can see perfectly in the shadowy Oshyr forests. Sharp light however can blind it. The Cyclops has webbed feet that surround its mouth, which is located on the underside of the creature. Although it's not very fast when walking, the legs are powerful enough to allow the Cyclops to leap into the air.

But the Cyclops does not need to be fast as its hunting tactics consist of waiting until a prey is close enough for it to attack. Once this is the case, the Cyclops jumps into the air and uses the webbing between its feet as a parachute so it can control its landing. The Cyclops intention is to land with its open mouth on top of its prey, trapping the unfortunate creature inside it. Several tubes inside the Cyclops mouth then pierce the body of the creature to suck out its internal fluids. A dried out carcass is all that remains of the prey once the Cyclops is finished with feeding.

Cyclopes are hermaphrodite creatures, having both male and female reproduction organs that are located near the mouth on the underside of the creature. Once their mating cycle starts Cyclops periodically through the forest, leaving sperm sacks and egg sacks on their path. These give off pheromones that attract other Cyclops, which take these sacks into their own reproduction organs. After several weeks buds start to appear on the body of the impregnated Cyclops, once enough developed and ready to survive on their own these buds drop of their parent Cyclops and drop on the ground where they dig themselves into the soft ground.

In its first life cycle the buds become centipede like larvae that actively hunt other small creatures. Their legs can sense the vibrations their preys make when moving through the ground. Once the larvae have fed enough for the second and main life cycle, it moves to the surface where it sheds it larval skin and most of its legs. In the start of its main life cycle, the young Cyclops appears as a small version of the full-grown Cyclops, only consisting of its ‘head' and ‘feet' parts. As it starts to feed its body grows the extra segments in time. After several months the young Cyclops is just as large as its fellow older Cyclops.

By keeping it in a dimmed room, the personnel of the BSL facility were able to keep the station's resident Cyclops specimen docile to a certain degree. It was still not advised of course to get in the vicinity of the Cyclops as it would sense personnel with its sensory antennas and automatically attack them. When the X organism invaded the BSL station in high orbit around SR388, the X also infected the Cyclops specimen in the Tropical Habitat. By absorbing its DNA, the X added the ability of high jumping into its own, becoming a Mega Core X in the process. Samus Aran regained her suit's High Jump Boots ability and Spring Ball ability for her suit's Morph Ball mode by defeating the Cyclops X clone, and absorbing the released Mega Core X.