Creature Name: Dessgeega (des gee gaw)
Height: 2 m
Mass: 150 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Dessgeega is a direct descendant of the Sidehopper. It follows the same basic pattern as the Sidehopper. It is a large predator. It attacks by using small hops to get in range of prey then leaping incredible distances, jumping up and down on the prey with its sharp claws until the prey is dead.

The Dessgeega is more powerful than the standard Sidehopper. Its increased destructiveness is due to the sharp spines covering its body, which makes hits from the side extremely dangerous, and the larger, stronger leg muscles that allow the Dessgeega to jump with more force. Its increased defensive abilities are due to much stronger, heat-resistant armor. Both these adaptations are probably due to the pressure of dealing with the more dangerous creatures and harsher conditions of Norfair.

Like Sidehoppers, Dessgeegas are equipped with an antigravity system and small are jets in the lower legs. This allows the Dessgeega to jump along the ceiling as easily as the ground. The antigravity system cannot operate for more than a few moments at a time, so the Dessgeega has to rest along the ceiling after jumping. Desgeegas, like all Maladens species, reproduce asexually by giving birth to live young. The young are basically smaller versions of the adult. Juvenile Desgeegas (called Small Dessgeegas) can also be found in Norfair, and in parallel to their adult form are more powerful than Small Sidehoppers.