Creature Name: Draygon (dray gone)
Height: 10 m
Mass: 14 metric tons
Homeworld: Zebes

Draygon is sole reproducing member of the Evir species. It could be considered the same as the queen found in many hive species. All Evirs seen on Zebes are the offspring of Draygon.

Draygon is huge, many times the size of traditional Evirs (technically called Evir drones). Her body is covered by thick glycoprotein armor. Most of the body is one large, thick shell, but the tail is jointed for movement. Like all Evirs, the tail is not used for propulsion. Instead, movement is controlled by releasing jets of water in the desired direction, allowing Draygon to move at high speed. Draygon's legs are used to hold ensnared prey. The armor is a bit thinner at Draygon's belly but not thin enough for any creature in Maridia to damage.

Unlike many hive species, where the queen is immobile and depends on the other members of the hive for protection and care, Draygon is by far the most dangerous Evir. Draygon does not do its own hunting. Instead, Evir drones capture prey live and bring it to Draygon's lair, where she likes to play with the prey before killing and eating it. Draygon is capable of producing a powerful polymerizing adhesive, which it spits at prey thereby immobilizing it. The adhesive is nearly impossible to get loose from. Draygon then swim up and grabs the prey with her legs and whacks it with her muscular tail until the prey dies. The adhesive, although impossible for prey to break free from, hydrolyzes pretty rapidly in water, meaning the adhesive will dissipate in a few moments. This allows Draygon to separate the prey from her legs and also prevents the prey from sticking to her throat as she swallows it.

Draygon produces a large number of eggs asexually, and then gives them to her attendant caste, inappropriately named Draygon Larva, who takes care of them until they hatch and can fend for themselves. The Draygon larvae also take care of Draygon and take care of her chamber.