Creature Name: Draygon larva (dray gone lar va)
Height: 1.7 m
Mass: 130 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

Draygon larvae are a very specialized caste within the Evir species. For Evirs the only member of the race that reproduces is Draygon. All Evirs are Draygon's offspring. Normal Evirs, called Evir drones, collect food and protect Draygon's territory from intruders. However, Draygon gives birth to a very small number of Draygon larvae, which act as her attendants. They bring food caught by the Evirs drones, take care of the eggs, clean Draygon, clean Draygon's lair, and carry out other rudimentary tasks. They are incapable of combat, with no spine production like Evir's and without the strong tail fin or adhesive production of Draygon. They do have nearly indestructible armor, however. Like Evirs, Draygon larvae are sterile. They serve only to take care of Draygon and her eggs.

Draygon larvae were named when Draygon's connection to the Evirs was still unknown, and it was assumed they were baby Draygons. This is now known to be false, but the name has stuck nevertheless.