Creature Name: Evir (ee veer)
Height: 1.9 m
Mass: 160 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

Evirs are all the offspring of Draygon; they are incapable of reproducing themselves. Within the Evir species, Draygon acts as the queen, giving birth to all Evirs. Draygon larvae are Draygon's attendants. Evirs are the guards and food collectors of the species. Evirs have hard glycoprotein armor, but it is not hard enough to deflect attacks from many of the strong predators often found in Maridia. They have developed another method of defense. When they sense a potential predator and/or potential prey, they quickly bury themselves in the quicksand they always live near.

When safely under the quicksand, they begin to snipe the target. Evirs are capable of quickly growing balls of spines. These are produced in a gland that appears to have evolved out of what used to be the Evir's tail. The ball is a dense network of glycoproteins, fundamentally similar to the Evir's armor, only much thicker and heavier. The ball relies as much on its density and momentum as its razor sharp spines to defeat prey.

The ball is designed to fragment on impact, embedding sharp spines in the target. The spines are Evir's only method of attack, but the attack is usually effective against both prey and predators. Whatever the Evirs happen to kill becomes food for the species. They also eat the spines that were used, recycling the materials for new spines.