Creature Name: Fune (foon)
Height: 2 m
Mass: 320 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Fune is one of the two entirely stationary species on Zebes. As larva, the Fune is fully mobile. It looks much like a small armored lizard, and it has eyes. Its first course of action at birth is to find an appropriate and unoccupied location where it anchors itself with a powerful polymerizing adhesive. This adhesive is pretty much unbreakable; it chemically bonds the young Fune to whatever surface it attaches to. The Fune then begins to undergo rapid and substantial changes. The head begins to grow rapidly, soon absorbing the whole body. The eyes stop growing and are soon covered with armor plates. The Fune extends tiny root-like tentacles just below the surface of the ground where it lives. Soon, the Fune is full sized and looks like nothing more than a forehead and a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. The armor is very strong, strong enough to defeat the toughest predators in Norfair.

The Fune feeds by firing superheated bursts of plasma at whatever it senses in its domain. It detects prey by sensing pressure in its tentacles as prey walks along the ground. When a target is in the Fune's line of sight it fires a plasma ball. A few plasma balls will kill most small creatures in Norfair, which is the Fune's prey. The Fune is rather indiscriminate, firing at just about anything. This serves to drive away competing species as well as killing prey. When the prey is dead the Fune launches out its sticky tongue and drags the food into its mouth, where it is devoured. Most internal organs are either just behind the mouth or just above it. The Fune reproduces asexually. It gives birth to a single live larva at a time, which exits the Fune through its mouth.