Creature Name: Gamet (ga met)
Height: 1 m
Mass: 25 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Gamet is a hive-based creature closely related to the Zeb. Gamets lack the normal rigid caste-system of many hive-based species. Instead the hive is more a loose association of members of the species in order to provide safety and security for its members. All members of the Gamet hive reproduce asexually, and there is no clear leadership or even teamwork between members besides protecting the hive, keeping it clean, and increasing its size if necessary. Gamets take turn going out to collect food and staying behind to protect and care for the hive.

Gamets lay their eggs in huge batches, each one indistinguishable from the other. That means the Gamets must protect the whole hive to protect their own eggs. Gamets usually reproduce immediately upon maturity, giving them an instant motivation to protect the hive. Gamet eggs are not single eggs, but instead five eggs fused together in a single shell. The 5 juvenile Gamets that hatch are bonded for life, remaining together at all times.

They feed as a group, sleep as a group, and even attack threats to the hive as a group. The 5 Gamets usually hunt as a team, allowing them to bring down prey much larger than himself or herself. They have strong armor, but their armor has many joints and weak points and most predators have found ways around it, if they can attack a Gamet individually. As a 5-member group they are usually very hard for individual predators to attack.