Creature Name: Geega (gee ga)
Height: 0.8 m
Mass: 15 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

Geegas are a hive-based creature. Unlike most hive based creatures; they make their homes in horizontal pipes. When attacking intruders, they are capable of easily changing direction to attack intruders that might try to dodge them. Geegas have 6 limbs, 4 legs and a pair of razor-sharp claws. The claws are used for feeding and are normally kept near the Geega's head. When attacking prey or intruders, the Geega extends the claws and attempt to slice the target as it passes or impale it, depending on the target's size and whether it is predator or prey. Individual Geegas are rather weak, but they usually live in massive hives with many openings in several rooms. The shear number of Geegas attacking at once overwhelms all but really tough predators like Sidehoppers.

Geegas have surprisingly high intelligence, able to anticipate target's actions and plan the most effective way to attack the target, such as aiming for kinks in armor or attacking as a group at one time. Geegas have one queen that oversees the whole hive. All Geegas are the offspring of this one queen. The queen reproduces asexually producing massive amounts of eggs at once (much higher numbers than most hive creatures). This is why Geegas can afford to send so many members in likely suicide attacks aimed at intruders.

Geegas have only two castes, queen and drone. The queen reproduces, and the drones take care of all other activities in the hive, such as cleaning, getting food, taking care of the young, and protecting the hive. Any drone is capable of developing into a queen if the queen dies. Usually a number of drones become queens at once in this case, and these drones undergo an intermediate stage before becoming a queen. In this stage the drones lose their wings and grow larger claws and heavy armor. They then proceed to fight to the death amongst themselves until only one remains. This one goes on to develop into a real queen.