Creature Name: Geemer/ Zoomer (jee mer)
Height: 1 m
Mass: 55 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Geemer, also known by its common name "Zoomer," is one of the more common life forms on Zebes. It is a large, beetle-like creature that walks regularly around platforms, feeding on the small plants that grow there. It is not very intelligent, and its shell and vision direction completely blocks it from seeing anything that is not directly below it. Instead, it depends on the tough, armored spines that cover its back for protection from predators. Many predators can bite through the spines, but they offer some degree of protection. Geemers pretty much ignore anything that is going on around them.

Besides the normal blue Geemer, other types of Geemers also exist. One other type of Geemer, the very rare "Rainbow Geemer," is occasionally seen. It appears to be similar to the normal Geemer, but it is extremely timid and will run from any potential predator. It is possible the Rainbow Geemer either has weaker spines or has developed behavior that allows it to avoid predators that have evolved ways to bypass the spines.

A more powerful form of Geemer exists, as well. Called the "Silver Geemer," its armor has a very large amount of a very strong metallic alloy in it. This alloy makes the Silver Geemer very powerful; pretty much no creature on Zebes can harm it.

Geemers reproduce asexually. They give birth to several fully formed babies at a time. The babies are born hanging upside down from the platform the parent is on. When clear of the parent, they let go, falling to a different platform where they take up residence if it is unoccupied. If it is occupied they try the next platform until the reach the ground, where they then burrow into the ground and wait until it senses that another Geemer has died.