Creature Name: Geruta (ge rue ta)
Height: 1.7 m
Mass: 45 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Geruta is a close relative of the Reo. Unlike the Reo, whose front legs evolved into wings, the Geruta's front limbs evolved into large claws. These take the place of the Reo's back claws, which in the Geruta are smaller and have evolved into jets for surprisingly rapid movements for such a bulky creature, especially since the Geruta has very hard and heavy armor. The Geruta simply sucks in the superheated Norfair air, pressurizes it, and then funnel it into and then out of its claws through special ducts in its legs. The flames that result is just a result of the pressure increase in the already hot air, which makes the air even hotter.

The Gerutas pressurize a lot of air to create the thrust, creating a significant pressure increase and thus temperature increase. The Geruta's claws are actually hollow and are full of lightweight gasses that reduce the Geruta's weight and momentum, although they are still very heavy creatures and the claw armor is very thick.

Gerutas are predators, and use their jets to lunge at prey in a similar manner to Reos. They fly to the ceiling of a cave and wait until potential prey comes near, then drop down to it in an arc, attacking then flying up again until hitting the ceiling. There it sucks in more air then lunges again. The creature can track prey, following it through caves, but it has so much momentum and has such strong instincts, the Geruta will follow a path once it has started on it (unless it collides something.)