Creature Name: Holtz (hole ts)
Height: 1 m
Mass: 80 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Holtz is the only robot on Zebes under the control of Mother Brain. The Rinoabots are disabled, and will probably malfunction violently if reactivated, and the Shaktool is carrying out its original purpose, digging mindlessly. Holtz is made almost exclusively of inorganic, mechanical components such as metals and ceramics. It lacks any sort of self-repair system and has very low computer processing power, which is mostly allocated to target acquisition.

A small fusion reactor powers the Holtz. This reactor is fed from water that is piped to locations containing Holtz in the form of steam, since it could not stay as liquid in the superheated areas of Norfair were Holtz reside. Holtz vent hot plasma directly from their reactor, further heat it and pressurize it using magnetic fields and microwave antennas, then accelerate it using magnetic fields to create thrust for movement.

Holtz fly in a diagonal, swooping motion reminiscent of the Reo and Geruta. The Holtz will stay by the ceiling until it detects a target, then will swoop down and attack, then fly back up to build up more plasma for another dive. They are heavy, and once they start in motion they will not change direction unless they hit something. A Holtz has optical sensor in front that is used to detect motion in its surroundings by comparing sequential frames of video taken by the camera. Anything that has a motion signature that does not match a creature or natural phenomenon normal to that room is attacked immediately. The Holtz main method of attack is its two horns, which are found on either side of its body. The horns look like they might be a method of propulsion as they rotate to face the direction the Holtz is moving (either up or down).

However, the horns are only weapons; they play no actual role in the Holtz's movements. Holtz have very thick and hard heat-resistant ceramic armor. This armor protects them from the extreme temperatures of lower Norfair and the dangerous creatures that live there.