Name: Human Core- X
Height: -
Mass: -
Homeworld: Non Applicable

This was no doubt one of the unfortunate scientific staff that was infected when the X organism invaded the BSL station in high orbit above SR388 through the actions of the escaped SA - X. As Adam made it clear that the human form is not really suitable for battle, lacking any form of natural offensive or defensive abilities (humans compensate this with their advanced technology and training) the X that had infected this scientist would probably have reverted to its original form after finishing absorbing the man's biological mass. But as the X needed this scientist's knowledge as well as his shape (the BSL station was primarily designed to be run by human sentiments) it delayed returning to its natural form, and instead used the scientist's body to access the systems of the station.

Samus faced the infected crewmember when it tried to make the station's self destruct charges go off by detonating the boiler of the Pyr Habitat. Only one charged shot was needed by Samus to defeat the infected crewmember and releasing the X inside it. But before infecting the crewmember, the X must have absorbed weapon data as it had become a Core - X with the ability to fire the Spazer Beam. By destroying its shell and absorbing the released core, Samus regained her Spazer Beam weapon.