Creature Name: Kago (ka goe)
Height: 3 m (hive) 0.1 m (hatchling)
Mass: 230 kg (hive) 2 kg (hatchling)
Homeworld: Zebes

The name Kago refers both to the large hive-like structure and the small hatchlings that live in it. The hive itself is stationary, but is covered with a strong acid for defense. Unlike many hives, the Kago hive is actually alive. It is thought that the hatchlings are the offspring of the hive they live there for a certain period until they have matured. They then venture out. When they find a suitable spot, the anchor themselves to the ground and grow into a new hive, repeating the process.

If attacked, the hive will in a panic release the hatchlings, hoping they will find a suitable spot to reproduce. Once all the hatchlings are released, the hive's reason for living is gone and it self-destructs to keep from competing with its offspring. The hatchlings are tame, but also show no signs of intelligence. They will just start jumping towards a new home, whether there is anything in the way or not. The hatchlings are also covered with acid, protecting them from some predators.

Hatchlings do not feed. The adult contains symbiotic chemoautotrophic bacteria. These bacteria feed on chemicals in the air, producing food for the hive in return for a safe place to live.