Creature Name: Koben or Covern (koe ben)
Height: 0.4-1 m
Mass: Massless
Homeworld: Unknown

The Koben are the souls of life forms that died when the Wrecked Ship crashed centuries ago. Some combination of the properties of Zebes and the properties of the ship itself, possibly connected to some randomly damaged ship component, serve to trap the souls of all the life-forms that lost their life in the crash. Angry and vengeful over their predicament and their inability to move on, they attempt to latch onto any creature foolish enough to enter the ship and proceed to suck away its life. They do not appear to depend on the life forces of others to live, it appears they simply wish to do harm to others and that is the only way they can. Creatures in Zebes have learned to stay away from the Wrecked Ship, and Kobens are the only things one will find there (besides the occasional Trilobite which is too foolish to know to stay away). Kobens seem to be physically hurt by bright lights, which is probably why Phantoon is draining the power from the ship.