Subject:Kraid, Geoform 216
Height: Unknown
Mass: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown (navigational data has been lost.)


He might be less known than his fellow Pirate Enforcer Ridley, but make no mistake; he is just as intelligent and cunning as the Zebesian space dragon and infamous in his own way.

In fact Kraid can strike fear in the heart or hearts of any other creature by just appearing on the scene, as he is one of the largest intelligent beings in existence that roams the galaxy. Easily crushing a medium class grav tank by simply standing on it, although he prefers to rip it open and feast on its occupants while still in a non-crushed state. During pirate attacks on colonies Kraid fills the postion of backbone of a pirate task force, he brings in the muscle that is needed to take down heavy fortifications, gun emplacements, trenched in enemy forces and take on any heavy armour such as a grav tanks, artillery and fighter craft that might be used by opposing military and security personnel.

Kraid originates from a world that underwent a development process almost similar to that of Earth/Sol 3, the home world of the human species. Reptilian life forms here too evolved far faster than other species, developing in various forms and becoming gigantic in size But unlike on Earth, no cataclysm suddenly hit the world and disrupted the eco system, allowing the reptilian based life forms on Kraid's home world to continue to develop, crushing any member of a different order that would try to compete with them, both in a figure of speech and literally. As Kraid's ancestor's brains became bigger and far more complex in working, signs of intelligence such as the skill to memorize identify and rudimentary language started to develop. Slowly they formed a primitive society as Kraid's ancestors learned too that numbers gave strength.

The following millennia were very violent, as the reptilian species had discovered a new opponent: themselves. What started with the earliest conflicts about hunting grounds and possible mates developed into full wars as nations started to rise and competed with each other over the resources of the planet. When the Space Pirates discovered Kraid's home world the people on it had reached the industrial age level by now, but the planet had been turned into a wasteland by the various warlords that competed with each other for control of the planet. Kraid was one of those warlords, and while his campaign had been successful, his army lacked the strength to take out his remaining opponents and keep full control of the territories he had captured were still plagued with unrest.

Realizing the usefulness of having the reptilian species as an ally, the Space Pirates monitored the conflict between the various factions from orbit, searching for a faction leader that might be interested in an alliance with the pirates. As Kraid was the best candidate for this the Pirates approached him, offering to assist his forces with their own soldiers and technology as well as a place for Kraid within the ranks of the Pirate Legions. Kraid accepted the offer of the Pirates and accepted the terms of their alliance, not so very long after he became the absolute master of his own home world thanks to the Pirates. In return his people would assist the Space Pirates in what way needed, Kraid himself would take a position as an Enforcer in their Legions, leading their forces in the field of battle.

When the Pirates were surveying the world of Zebes, they discovered the region known as Brinstar and the huge variety of biological richness it contained. Pirate scientists recognized the usefulness of Brinstar fauna and flora for their own biological research program but as some of the resident life forms were incredible aggressive someone was needed to keep the region under control. As Brinstar was comparable with his own native world Kraid decided to build his own lair in Brinstar from which he oversees it and its inhabitants. His firm control over Brinstar has gained him the title of “King of Brinstar” Although Kraid is definitely male member of his species, he is capable of a rather unique feature of reproduction by ‘shedding' genetic material in form of a pod from his body. Not long after being shed off this pod starts a startling transformation as its outer skin slowly breaks down, revealing a ‘nymph' of Kraid's species.

The nymph's genetic structure is a hundred percent match with Kraid's own genetic structure, making the nymph a sort of natural clone. A process that before this discovery was only thought to be used by certain insect species, not by a genetic complex creature such as a being from reptilian descent, let alone an intelligent life form. However this action is not easily performed and it takes a lot of Kraid's body to create a nymph through this process. Kraid prefers to keep his ‘offspring' as close as possible to him at all time, preventing them of being caught in the line of battle. Kraid is almost a walking fortification; no battlefield weapon can pierce his densely scaled skin that has energy scattering and concussion resisting properties. In theory probably only a low orbital heavy bombardment would have the necessary power to wound or perhaps even kill him however Kraid does have one significant weakness, as his nasal cavity is to small to breath through during for example a battle, Kraid has to open his mouth from time to time to catch breath. During this his one vulnerable part becomes visible, the inside of his mouth which can be easily pierced by energy, projectile and concussion weaponry. With enough concentrated force and the right timing, a missile or energy beam can go through the roof of the mouth and hit Kraid's brain. Kraid usually tries to prevent this by keeping his claws in front of his mouth when he has to breathe.