Creature Name: Magdollite (mag doe lite)
Height: Varies
Mass: Varies
Homeworld: Zebes

Magdollites are lava that has been animated by Mother Brain. The exact mechanism for this is completely unknown. Captured Magdolite tissue remains alive until cooled, but once cooled test reveal it to be completely ordinary volcanic rock. It does not come back to life when melted into lava again, and living Magdolites are so hot tests on them are impossible. When living Magdolite tissue is dropped into melted rock from regions of Norfair where Magdolites are found, the molten rock becomes a Magdolite. However, when dropped into molten rock from other planets, or even molten rock from other regions of Norfair, the Magdolite tissue dies and simply diffuses through the rest of the magma. Therefore, something about the rock in those rooms allows the Magdolites to live, but tests show no distinct differences between the rock in those rooms and that of other rooms, just the standard slight variations in chemical ratios. So the exact mechanism of how Magdolites were made and why they are located where they are is still a mystery.

Magdolites usually stay pretty hidden, appearing as easily overlooked lumps in the lava. When an enemy approaches, they rise up out of the lava like a column and launch part of themselves at the intruder, and then sink again. Their bodies are just lava, and thus are extremely hot and will destroy most intruders. Magdolites have functioning eyes, although the frequencies they detect are unknown, and they appear to have a surprising degree of intelligence, able to distinguish between indigenous life and very sophisticated replicas, not to mention average intruders.