Name: Mega Core - x
Height: 2.7 m
Weight: 2 t
Homeworld :Unknown. (X originate from SR388.)

Mega Core X are X that have invaded an organism that possesses unique abilities, by absorbing the organims cells and DNA these abilities are incorporated into the X’s own genetic structure, increasing its defences when the X is in original form. Its appearance is that of an X with a spiked protective shell around it, making it lethal to touch. If someone defeats the form it had assumed, it returns back to this shape and uses its shell to ram its opponents. Unlike for example the related Core X (see subject ‘Core X’for more on that subject) the shell of a Mega Core X is weaker. This form is never meant for attacking opponents and is only the last phase before the X inside is released again. Concussion missiles can shatter the shell with ease, releasing the X inside that can be converted to special abilities if someone has the technology to use these. Energy fire on its shells surface releases smaller yellow and green X organisms. Like normal X, the Core X detects its prey opponents by air molecule displacement, vibrations, scent, or detecting the bio - electrical energy generated inside living beings.