Creature Name: Mella (mel la)
Height: 0.5 m
Mass: 5 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

Unlike the Mella's close relative, the Mellow, the Mella has no functional wings. Its wings are vestigial. Instead, it evolved to produce light hydrocarbons in large amounts. These gasses are stored in a pouch above the Mella's head. The Mella cannot control the rate of gas production, so it constantly has to vent these volatile compounds into the air through small pores on the top of the pouch. The high temperatures of Norfair and exposure to oxygen ignite the gasses, producing a steady stream of fire above the creature. The Mella can compress the pouch and expel the gasses through aim able jets, allowing the Mella to move quickly. The gasses are immediately replenished after movement. Through the existing flames, the jets of gas are very hard to notice, especially at a distance.

Like the Mellow, the Mella lives in swarms. However, maybe because they need more energy to feed the flames, and thus more food, Mellas tend to live in smaller, less dense swarms than Mellows. Mellas are predators; they depend on their large numbers to overwhelm prey. Mellas do not coordinate their attacks; instead they attack whenever potential prey comes in range. However, since they live in swarms prey moving through their territory tends to get the attention of a number of Mellas that all attack at once. Mellas are asexual and give birth to live young. The young are fully formed and take flight the moment they leave their parent. They continue to fly for the rest of their lives.