Creature Name: Mellow (mel loe)
Height: 0.3 m
Wingspan: 0.5 m
Mass: 6 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Mellow's name does not come from its temperament, most likely it originated from the fact it is not all that dangerous, at least on its own. Mellows are small, weak flying predators related to Mellas. When they spot prey, the swoop down and attack in a diagonal pattern repeatedly. They do not do much damage alone; however, they tend to live in large swarms. Like most swarming creatures on Zebes, they do not have the normal hive mentality found on most other planets. Instead of attacking in an organized fashion, each creature attacks individually when it sees a potential target. However, most creatures in Zebes will come rushing into the room not realizing there are Mellow's and get eaten alive by the swarm. Mellows reproduce by giving birth to live young. The young look like miniature adults and grow quickly.