Name:Mochtroid (Mawk troyd)
Height: 2.5 feet in diameter (average)
Weight: 5 pounds (majority of weight in fangs)
Homeworld: Not Applicable

Space Pirates had been able to transfer several dozen Metroids to their frigates in orbit around Zebes before Samus's attack, and managed to escape with these to their secondary headquarters on Tallon IV. Samus managed to track this Space Pirate group down and defeated all the Metroids they had in captivit. This left the Pirates with no specimens to continue their plans of using them to attack Galactic Civilizations. The Space Pirate group that returned to Zebes to rebuild their facilities also tried to create new Metroids by using the Pirate's revivication technology on the remains of the Metroids that had been in the original Tourian fortress.

However Pirate geneticists discovered that Metroid DNA quickly deteriorates if taken from a Metroid, or if a Metroid dies due to their energy based genetic structure. Only in preservation fluids could Metroid cells be kept alive for longer periods. Believing that all Metroids had been made extinct by Samus's mission to SR388 (Pirate Intelligence did not know yet about the surviving Metroid hatchling), Pirate geneticists tried to copy the Chozo's knowledge found on Zebes to create new Metroids. Despite the Pirates own highly developed genetic technologies and knowledge, their scientists had a hard time understanding the Chozo's advanced science of creating life such as the Metroid. Hundreds of failures were made during these experiments until progress led to something of a result.

The result was a creature somewhat like a Metroid. Like Metroids it had energy draining organs, which it could use to drain the bio energy inside a living organism once it has latched on with its fangs. But unlike a Metroid this creature could be defeated with almost all types of weapons, lacking the resistance that makes the original Metroid such a threat to any other organic life form. Mimicking Metroids, Space Pirates decided to call these unstable proto forms Mochtroids, planning to use them as biological weapons against galactic civilizations. However as the Mochtroids were plagued with various problems this plan was put aside and the Mochtroid project was considered a failure.

Mochtroids are a Space Pirate attempt to create Metroid clones, however they are far weaker than real Metroids and can be far easier defeated. Furthermore they are plagued by dozens of genetic weaknesses such a short life span and the fact that al produced specimens are sterile. Another fatal flaw of the Mochtroid is its overall jelly-like outer carapace. Space Pirate scientists were unable to lock down the genome sequence within the Metroid DNA that accounted for this particular adaptation. As a result, Mochtroids could not really move beyond environments that lacked moisture to keep their carapaces damp and functioning. It was thus deemed necessary to keep them in quarantine in the Maridia sector of Zebes.

Other Mochtroid flaws soon became relevant. They could not develop into new life stages such as normal Metroids, never reaching a stage in which they can reproduce in a natural way. And they do not divide when exposed to Beta radiation, which is even lethal to Mochtroids as it destroys their internal organs such as their brain, nervous system and their inferior energy draining organs. Mochtroids have almost the same appearance as Metroids. They also have a transparent greenish shell through which its internal nuclei can be seen. Like Metroids these are the Mochtroid's brain and energy storage organs.
Also like a Metroid its inner fangs located on the underside of its body are connected by a series of conduits to its energy storage organs. The bio energy Mochtroids drain from their victims goes through these conduits to the storage organs.

Note: It is unknown if the exsistance of more failed metroid genticial projects exsist withen the Space Pirate ranks, though there is no doubt that many others besides the Mochtroid experiments have or still currently exsist.