Name: Mother Plant
Height: -
Mass: -
Homeworld: Unknown

During Samus Aran’s attempt at retaking the BSL station from the invading X organism, she was forced to return back to her vessel when her CO Adam had important information for her.

While on the way to the station’s docking bay, power suddenly failed and Samus was forced to search for an alternative route to her vessel. Once back on her ship, her CO informed her that something was wrong with the station’s reactor. With the instructions to find out what had caused the power failure and to reactivate the station’s emergency power, Samus headed to the Reactor Silo. Once there she discovered what was causing the reactor to fail, dozens of roots, lianes, and branches were clogging up the reactor’s parts. Preventing it from working properly. After having defeated the Arachni - X (see subject Arachni - X for more on that subject) and having reactivated the station’s emergency power, Samus tracked the root system through a ventilation shaft to the Tropical Habitat.

After an encounter with the dreaded SA - X that had almost succeeded in trapping her, Samus tracked the roots to their source; a golden Chozo Globe Holder entangled in the roots of the now almost habitat size plant. The golden Globe Holder had probably been placed in the room for storage to be researched later. But when the roots of the plant made contact with it, the energy that the Globe Holder and the artifact it guarded, were absorbed by the plant that started to grow uncontrollable, ripping apart walls, releasing the Arachni - X and disrupting the station’s power system. Samus only way to destroy the plant and return power to the station, was to destroy the golden Globe Holder. During her attack on the statue, the plant fought by back attacking Samus with spores.

When Samus had finally destroyed part of the Globe Holder, plasma beams fired out of the statue. It had been infected by an X organism that had absorbed the artifact the statue originally guarded; the Plasma Beam weapon. Samus managed to destroy the statue and released the Core X inside who continued to attack her with the Plasma Beam. After having having destroyed its shell and regaining her Plasma Beam weapon by absorbing the released X, Samus was victorious. As for the Mother Plant. Without its power source it relied on, it quickly died and withered away. With the roots that clogged up its parts gone, the reactor in the reactor core return to proper working and powered up the station’s main systems again. The Mother Plant was probably one of the many normal plants that had been kept in the Tropical Habitat to recreate a jungle enviroment. Only when its roots became entangled with the golden Globe Holder it started to grow beyond its normal size and gaining the ability to sense and attack hostiles. This was probably caused by the X that had infected the golden Globe Holder.