Creature Name: Multiviola (mul tie vee yoe la)
Diameter: 0.7 m
Mass: 9 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Multiviola, which is the adult version of the Viola, is an airborne creature. Made up of conductive, elastic, fibrous hyphae cells like the Puyo and Boyon (which it is related to), the Multiviola moves around by bouncing off walls. By deforming then returning to its original shape in a controlled fashion, it can change its direction and/or velocity at will, as well as maintain its present heading and velocity. It tends to randomly change direction and speed, which makes it unpredictable. The exact pattern to this change, or the stimulus that induces it, has yet to be determined. It seems random, but does not match any quasi-random sequences known through technology, and is much more random than anything science can produce, so it might use a different method to create quasi-random sequences that surpasses anything modern technology can create.

Or possibly, through some unknown mechanism, the Multiviola might actually create real, purely random sequences. Much research is going into discovering the exact nature of their system. The Multiviola is mostly hollow and is filled with light gasses it extracts from Norfair's atmosphere. This means the Multiviola almost floats, so it needs very little energy to keep it in the air.

Like all hyphae-based life-forms, the Multiviola has no sense besides touch. It cannot "hear" like Puyos and Boyons, either through vibrations in the air or in the ground. Like other hyphae creatures, it feeds by absorbing electrical energy from creatures it comes in contact, so it seems that its randomized motion is used to make it harder for prey to dodge. The Multiviola lives only in the heat of Norfair. It is thought that the Multiviola uses ambient heat to conserve energy so it does not have to feed as often.

Multiviolas reproduce asexually by producing small buds on the surface of their bodies. These buds soon fall off, becoming Violas. These small Violas make their way to more stable areas to feed and grow.