Creature Name: Namihe (na me)
Height: 2 m
Mass: 320 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Namihe is an entirely stationary species. It does not move during its entire adult life. Namihe are born as small lizard-like larva. Although armored, they are extremely vulnerable at this stage so they quickly make their way to a blind corner in an important connecting passageway and anchor themselves to a corner. Once anchored, they cannot be moved. As they grow, their body is absorbed into their head, ending up as a big head with eyes and lots of teeth. They grow very thick armor that no predator on Zebes can penetrate.

When a potential target comes into view, which is pretty much any living thing, the Namihe fire superheated bolts of plasma until the prey is dead. Once their target is dead, they use their long tongue to real it in and eat it. They can open their mouth very wide, large enough even to eat Dessgeegas, and they digest the food so quickly it actually disintegrates faster than the Namihe can swallow it.

Namihe produce the plasma by partially ionizing hydrogen gas using a bioelectric arc, then releasing it into the back of the throat where magnets and microwaves are used to further focus and ionize it. The magnet field closer to the opening of the mouth is dropped, causing the plasma to explode forward. Namihe's reproduce asexually. Their reproductive organs open into their mouth, where they give birth to one live larva periodically.