Name: Nightmare
Height: 4m
Mass: 2 t
Homeworld: Not Applicable

Throughout the few centuries of its existence the Galactic Federation has found itself under the constant threat of such outside species as the Space Pirates Legions (geoform species 017) and the extra galactic Ki Hunters (geoform species 352), focing the Galactic Federation and her members to maintain a military program of their own. The more conventional programs are of course the Galactic Federation Police, the armed forces, the space navy, the long range sensor grid, and the development of new technologies in order to counter the developments of the Pirate Legions and the Ki Hunters. However unknown to the civilian populations and most representatives in the Galactic Federation are the projects started by Covert Operations, most of them classified due to their controversial nature As the Space Pirate Legions were making disturbing advancements in fields such as biomechanical technologies in order to ‘build’ stronger warriors and creatures of war, Covert Operations responded by starting their own research and developments in these fields. No doubt against protest of the people of the Federation if they knew about this, of course Covert Operations will never admit their bio weapons research program.

One of these projects is project Nightmare. Having made new developments in the field of gravity field manipulation by studying Chozo artifacts with gravity controlling abilities such as the Chozo Gravity Suit, scientists believed it theoretical possible to create gravity fields with tactical applications. Covert Operations received this report from the party that was doing research into tactical applications of gravity science and autherised a project on the BSL facility in orbit around SR388 to make a practical gravity manipulation field. Far from any Federation representatives that might receive rumours of this project.

As a device with such abilities would be very complex, it would almost be impossible to operate by a standard computer processor, instead it was opted by Covert Operations to connect the device to bio-technological processor that was being used by some of the Federation’s more complex automations such as security and military robots. The result of this merging of technologies was a large bio-mechanical entity the scientists called the Nightmare due to its horrifying physical appearance, and perhaps unconsciously because of its powerful offensive capabilities. Using a standard anti gravity field to levitate the Nightmare can move through the enviroment at fast speeds, it also makes the Nightmare very manoeuvreable in tactical engagements and almost impossible to hit. Nightmare’s basic offensive ability is the gravity manipulation field generator under its body generates. When the generator is activated its field can prevent projectile and missile weaponry such as concussion missiles from being used. The field is even powerful enough to pull low flying fighter craft and drones out of the air.

Should enemy personnel come close enough to the Nightmare, it can rely on very dense armour that cover most of its body, capable of resisting all known energy and missile weaponry. However hostile forces will probably not get a chance to fire on the Nightmare as it has a series of built in energy bolt launchers to back up its gravity field ability. These launchers are built into the ‘arms’ of the unit, making the Nightmare even without the gravity manipulation field generator a combat unit capable of doing severe damage to enemy forces. On the day of its first test run a new problem arised. The still experimental technology of the Nightmare conflicted with its programming, making the Nightmare hostile against everyone in its vicinity. It caused severe damage to the training range and the scientists were forced to deactivate the unit Due to this setback Covert Operations decided to move the Nightmare for storage to the BSL facility’s Arctic habitat where it was put in Cryogenic Hibernation until this problem could be solved.

Not very long after the X organisms invaded the BSL facility through the actions of the SA - X. While searching for a host to infect, an X came across the dormant but still functional Nightmare and infected the unit’s bio-technological processor, allowing the X to take over control. Samus Aran was forced to take out the Nightmare when it went on a rampage through the Artic habitat and threatened to destroy this section of the station. After the Nightmare’s defeat the X inside its organic components was released. Having processed the technical data of the Nightmare, the X had become a Core X. By absorbing this Core X Samus regained her suit’s Gravity Suit ability. Despite the Nightmare’s awesome weaponry, defences and mobility, it still has a series of weaknesses that prevented Covert Operations from taking the Nightmare into full productivity.

The gravity manipulation field generator underneath its body can not be covered with the same armour that covers the rest of the Nighmare’s body. Doing so would disrupt the generator’s proper working. This makes the generator vulnerable for energy weapons that are not affected by the gravity field. Also the ‘face’ of the Nightmare is not as heavily armoured due to design problems that arised during the Nightmare’s development. With enough force the ‘head’ of the Nightmare can be destroyed with missile weaponry. The rest of the Nightmare can not function without its ‘head’ as it also contains the bio-technological processor that controls and regulates the Nightmare’s various components and systems. The knowledge and schematics of the Nightmare still exist but as the project had brought more problems with it to make development of the Nightmare justified. Its improbable that another Nightmare will ever be built.