Creature Name: Oum (ome)
Height: 2.2 m
Mass: 320 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Oum is a large, heavily armored predator from Zebes. Oum are neither remarkably fast, nor maneuverable at all, and they are way to big to hide and ambush prey. Instead, they have developed another means of securing a meal. Oums are large, round, and very heavily armored. In order to attack their prey, they hunt in packs.

They live in areas with a number of small tunnels just big enough for them to fit in. Nowadays these are usually ruins of the old Chozo piping systems. When a prey enters the room they live in, they roll towards it as a group. They try to block off the tunnels, cornering the prey and thus preventing its escape. By timing when they roll up they can flush prey in a desired direction. Usually the pack takes turns feeding, and all Oums flush the prey towards whichever member is next in line. To feed, Oums shoot out small feeding tubes. These tubes stick into the prey and suck out its bodily fluids, leaving a dried husk behind. Oums reproduce asexually, laying anywhere between 4 and 20 eggs in pods in the ceiling. This clutch of eggs usually makes up a hunting team.