Creature Name: Powamp (pow amp)
Height: 0.7-2.0 m
Mass: 6 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Powamp lives in Maridia. It doesn't need to feed; it has chemosynthetic bacteria in its gut that supply all the nutrients it needs. Like many creatures dependent on chemosynthesis, it needs to keep moving in order to prevent it from depleting the chemicals in its area. To accomplish this, Powamp releases the low-density byproducts of the chemosynthesis into an inflatable bladder on top of its body. This bladder acts as a balloon, floating the Powamp into the air. When it gets too close to the ceiling, the Powamp releases the gasses, deflating the balloon and causing the Powamp to start to fall. The cyclic rising and falling allows the Powamp to keep moving without hitting the floor or ceiling. The Powamp always keeps some gas in its bladder and it never inflates the balloon too much, so it never falls or rises very quickly. It uses its eyes to make sure it is not too close to the ceiling or ground.

A Powamp's body below the bladder, and also a few places on the balloon, are armored with a metallic alloy. They are probably leftovers from armor used by Powamp's ancestors, but today is simply used as ballast. However, if Powamp is attacked the gasses in the balloon often ignite, launching sharp pieces of metallic shrapnel in all direction. This discourages predators from attacking the Powamp; they are more dangerous as they die than when they are alive. Usually all edible tissue burns up anyway. Powamps are seldom killed by predators because there is a high risk associated with it and seldom any reward.

Powamps reproduce by releasing a large number of small egg cases with small balloons attached. These eggs float around the area, eventually landing on the ground. The eggs soon hatch and the baby Powamps come pre-equipped with their own balloons. They immediately inflate them and begin acting like adults.