Creature Name: Powerorb (Molegura) (moe le gue ra)
Height: 0.8 m
Mass: unstable
Homeworld: Zebes

Molegura is an artificial creature created by the Chozos that piloted the wrecked ship. It is designed as a multi-purpose power regulation system, with roles including surge suppression, automatic voltage regulation, signal amplification, and filtering. The Molegura's settings could easily be changed by RF-frequency transmissions. However, after the crash, the control signals shut down and then there was a prolonged power loss due to Phantoon. It is thought that if power was ever restored, the power surge will awaken the Moleguras and they will break loose. Their control systems are already scrambled, so when awoken they attack any recognizable power source they can find and attempt to "regulate" it. However, with their control systems fried they at best scramble, and at worst short out and overload, any electrical system they can find.

Moleguras are not actually life-forms per-se, but instead a synthetic entity made out of a unique form of matter. There has been some trouble figuring out the exact nature of this matter, but it is known that the mass fluctuates perfectly based on very complex but very exact mathematical formulas. Parts of the Molegura at times seem to resemble recognizable particles, but then change to something completely unknown. It is theorized that the Molegura is made out of a strange form of matter with rapidly shifting superstring structure. How such matter was created has been lost to time, but scientists are very keen on recovering a "live" sample of the Moleguras for study. Kobens have made this extremely difficult, and any
successful missions have been destroyed when the Molegura woke up and went berserk.