Name: Proboscum (pro bos kum)
Height:1 m
Mass: 200lbs
Homeworld: Believed to be SR388

During their brief settlement of SR388, the Chozo created a series of automatons to make their daily lives easier, to keep them company, to difficult or dangerous work, and to guard and defend important sites and buildings. When the Chozo were forced to leave SR388 most of these automatons were left behind.

Some of them deteriorated beyond repair while other continued their original programming or simply kept functioning without a purpose at all, becoming a hazard for the life of SR388 or any unfortunate visitor who might stuble on these machines. Together with the Autoad, the Proboscum served as a labour droid for the ancient Chozo of SR388. Designed to transport heavy loads such as stones and components, the unit is fitted with with strong but nimble legs which the unit uses to scale walls.Proboscum could also be used as emergency transport platforms in case no other form of transport was available to cross walls or descent crevices. The unit is more than capable to carry the weight of an average hominid such as the Chozo.

After the Chozo were forced to leave SR388, several hundreds of Proboscum were left online. With the Chozo’s computer network down and no Chozo members to give the Proboscum new instructions, these units continued to follow the last instructions they were given. Proboscum aren’t really dangerous but are certainly unpredictable. They can still be used as platforms but sentients should be careful when doing this, as more than once a being became victim to a Proboscum that suddenly gave away.