Creature Name: Puyo (poo yoe)
Height: Variable
Mass: 4 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Puyo is a close relative of the Boyon. They are capable of changing their shape, which is used as a mode of transportation. They leap around by rapidly extending one part of their body while pushing off with the other part. They are very fast; this mode of transportation allows them to leap around at high speed. The normal yellow variety jumps around quite a bit, but does not chase down prey and tends to stay still periodically. However, the more aggressive red variety is much faster, is practically never still, and will chase after anything that comes near. Other varieties of various colors exist, but their behavior is similar to one of the other two main varieties.

Puyos (like Boyons and Violas/Multiviolas) are hyphae creatures, having fibrous, elastic cells that can act as sensory neurons, transmission neurons, and muscles (except their muscles can expand and contract). They live by feeding off some of the electricity that all life forms produce in their nerves and muscles. This drain does not affect those creatures except for a brief numbness around the contact point where the neurons all discharged. The hyphae-based life-forms use this energy to fuel all life processes. The Puyos sense vibrations in the ground and sound waves to detect when prey is nearby.

Puyos reproduce by dividing in two, and in some secluded areas they have been known to occasionally form a sort of nest with multiple Puyos stacked on top of each other in a pyramid shape. Their energy flows between them and their biorhythms synchronize and slow, calming them down.