Subject: Ridley, Geoform 187
Height: Unknown
Mass: Unknown
Homeworld: Believed to be Zebes


If beings such as the Mother Brain and the Pirate ‘brain’ caste are the brains behind the Space Pirate Legions, than Ridley would be one of its many hearts. The Zebesian space dragon known as Ridley is the chief enforcer of the Space Pirate Legions, performing the will of the pirate’s leaders and leading their forces into battle. Even the common Space Pirate warriors feel rather nervous when they are working with the enforcer as he does not shun sarcificing replaceable warriors if needed to take out any force standing in their way

Behind the fierce appearance of the Zebesian dragon goes a very intelligent and cunning creature. Capable of assessing a situation within seconds and altering his strategy if needed to make sure that the mission will be succesful It is this determination, intelligence and his brutality that make Ridley such an infamous opponent, having led pirate forces for several decades, attacking ships and colonies all over Federation space, and killing military personnel and civillians without any regard. The origins of Ridley are a little less clear than his reputation as only a few records have been written about Ridley and his species, even the long lived Chozo civilization have written very little on the dragon species. Only a conversation with Ridley himself would clear up the past around his kind, seeing as that is impossible Federation scientists will have to do with the what the Chozo managed to learn.

Ridley’s species was first encountered on the planet Zebes. The Chozo who had inhabited Zebes for a while made several records during archeaological digs about the ruins of a unknown civilization that seemed to have existed in the regions of Zebes known as Norfair. However the Chozo never encountered any living specimen of this civilization. However after the Space Pirates took control of the planet Zebes an undetermined time ago, Ridley appeared on the scene. There are several theories on why a member of this long disappeared species appeared back in Galactic Society. Perhaps the Space Pirates managed to locate genetic material of one of the remains of the dragon species and used their genetic revivication technology to restore the creature that would be known as Ridley. Another theory is that the dragon species is very long lived (a life span in centuries rather than years) or use some form of hibernation techniques or technologies to ‘sleep’ for long periods until the time is right to come out again. Perhaps far in the distant past Zebes was far more habitable for the dragon species, allowing thousands or millions of them to thrive there. But the changing climate, either naturally or due to some unforseen cataclysm forced the dragon species underground. In time even forcing them to hibernate until the conditions would change and allow the dragons to come out.

The Federation will probably never get any answer on these questions as all not yet discovered information on the dragon species was destroyed along with the planet Zebes. For some peculiar reason Ridley’s shape corresponds with that of a creature known as a dragon in the human species mythology. As the first intelligent beings outside the Space Pirates that had the unfortunate luck of ‘meeting’ Ridley were humans, the name was mentioned on surviving data storage tapes and later adapted by the rest of the Galactic Federation in future encounters with the Pirate enforcer. Like the mythical reptile, Ridley is capable of breathing ‘fire’, although scientifically correct it would be plasma that is generated in a series of chambers inside Ridley’s throat and head, exiting from his mouth at any possible targets. When in combat Ridley relies on his own natural defenses than any fabricated weapons. His strength combined with his razor sharp talons, extendable tail and his plasma projection ability makes any form of weaponry unnecesary in a battle as Ridley is practically a weapon himself.

Ridley is both capable of flight in an atmosphere as well as in space due to unique organs in his wings, capable of generating gravity waves similar to those generated by the more exotic repulsor drive that some Federation vessels employ. This gives Ridley the ability to move through space on speeds lower than those of the speed of light, however even Ridley needs a vessel to safely enter Hyperspace and exit from it. Ridley’s skin and natural armour is thick enough for him to survive atmospheric re-entry as well as leaving a planet’s atmosphere. It also protects him from attacks from most energy weapons as well as impacts from concussion weaponry such as missiles. Only a prolonged attack has any success to pierce Ridley’s skin and wound him.

Note:After the first time Space Hunter Samus Aran defeated Ridley in battle, Space Pirate scientists revivicated Ridley in a new form. Next to his natural abilities the scientists also grafted several weapon systems such as a Multi-Missile System, a Kinetic Breath Weapon, a Meson Bomb Launcher, and an Ultrathermal Flamestrike Projector, as well as armour upgrades.