Creature Name: Reo (ree oe)
Height: 1.5 m
Wingspan: 2.5 m
Mass: 45 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Rio is a large carnivore that inhabits caverns and grottos of inner Zebes. As observed by survey team Hadel 225, they are very territorial in most respect towards other creatures.

Rios have a large body build, suitable for diving down upon prey with all their weight, pinning them down. They have very small forearms which they use for balancing purposes only. Their hind legs however have evolved to a percentage of over 60& of their overall body mass. These legs are used as the mainstay of their offensive capabilites, and have an overall strength rating of 200lbs p/s/i.

Having a body mass of that size requires tremendous strength to get it off the ground. To solve this they have developed large wings that sprout from a joint alittle above the 5th vertebre. A thin membrane connects the wing segments, causing the wing to become either taut our loose. Tiny micro hairs cover the wing tips allow the Rio to calculate and adjust to cavern gusts as well as heat thermals rising from the planet's inner realms.

Rio vision is based mostly on a system of shadows and lights. This "specular" vision is due to the way the multifacteted eye lenses receive light in the dimly lit caverns.

Rios, being very territorial, have grown to become solitary. With this being said however, you can usually find another Rio abode not that far away from another. Rio nest's arehung upside down and constructed of chewed up plant matter. Eggs are layed in clusters of 10 and have a incubating time of 40 millicycles.