Creature Name: Ripper (ri per)
Height: 0.3 m
Mass: 22 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Ripper is an unusual organism in that it completely lacks a brain. It is controlled solely by its autonomic nervous system. It appears that this species' ancestor originally had a simple brain. However, it was a fairly rudimentary one, so it evolved a nearly indestructible armor to compensate. This protection made the brain useless, so it evolved to be smaller and smaller until the present day where it no longer exists. The Ripper simply flies back and forth. It is fed by symbioticchemoautotrophic bacteria in its gut. All it needs to do is breathe the air, which is rich in nutrient particles, and move back and forth to keep from depleting the suspended particles from its immediate area. The eyes connect to a simple cerebral ganglion and induce reflex-like actions that cause the Ripper to reverse direction when it approaches walls. The Ripper pressurizes and expels the air it breathes, keeping it in constant motion. The Ripper remains airborne through a natural antigravity system that makes them neutrally buoyant. Apparently Mother Brain saw they were useful as living traps, and put them in strategic locations to slow down intruders.

A variation of the Ripper exists. Called the Ripper II, it produces simple hydrocarbons in a special chamber near its rear end. This chamber mixes the hydrocarbons with air, pressurizes the mixture, and then ignites it. Special valves and ducts force the resulting explosion out behind the Ripper II and prevent it from damaging the creature. This creates a sort of jet propulsion that move the Ripper II at very high speeds. The Ripper II, like the Ripper, lacks a brain of any sort.

Rippers and Ripper II's reproduce asexually. They produce a large number of small eggs that they scatter along the walls and floors. The eggs lay dormant until hormones released by adults indicates a Ripper in the area has died. When this happens an egg hatches and the young Ripper follows hormone gradients to a place where it is far enough from any other Rippers for them not to compete. The baby quickly matures and remains in that spot for the rest of its life.