Creature Name: Rinoabot (ri noe a bawt)
Height: 2.1 m
Mass: 420 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Rinoabots were work robots developed by the Chozos to do manual labor on the Wrecked Ship. When the power was shut off by Phantoon, the RF signals the robots used for power and control also went down, and the robots were disabled.

The Rinoabots are equipped with a wide variety of tools including plasma cutting and welding tools, saws, electrical testing and repair equipment, soldering equipment, a large number of sensors, grappling equipment for lifting heavy loads, and high power plasma blasters for ship defense and for breaking through doors or cave-ins in an emergency. However, over the ages the Rinoabots self-repair systems have been without power, so corrosion and mineral deposits have messed up their processors and memory banks. If power was restored, the repair systems will come back on, and structural damage will be fixed. However, the reliability of the Rinoabots' control systems cannot be guaranteed.