Name: SA-X (X parasite encarnate)
Height: 2m
Mass: 300 lbs
Homeworld: X originates from SR388


If the discovery of the X organism didn’t shock the scientific community, not to mention galactic society, than surely the Samus Aran - X, or SA - X for short would have. Having been contracted by the Galactic Federation Governor of the sector where the planet SR388 was located, famous Space Hunter Samus Aran was hired to assist and safeguard a Biological Science Labs expedition to SR388. In an earlier expedition to the planet, Samus Aran had landed on the planet with the instruction of making the native Metroid species extinct in order to prevent any of the specimens to fall in the wrong hands

As the Metroids had been SR388 major predator, the biological hierarchy had been upset when the last was destroyed (not including the Metroid hatchling). The goal of the BSL expedition was to study the formation of a new biological hierarchy without the Metroids. However during an mission to the surface to collect specimens, Samus Aran was forced to engage an unusual very aggressive Hornoad. Destroying the amphibian, the X that had infected the Hornoad, and had been responsible for its aggression, was released and immediately attacked Samus Aran. As the X seemed to have disappeared, probably destroyed by her suit’s defences, Samus Aran thought nothing of the unusual organism and returned back to her vessel. However the X had survived and had forced its way into her suit and her own body. Escorting the BSL transport on return to the BSL facility in orbit around SR388, Samus Aran passed out as the X by now had invaded her nervous system and were multiplying in it.

With her ship on a collision course with the asteroid field of MRT 78.9. and she herself incapable of taking back control, Samus Aran seemed done for. Fortunately her ship’s auto ejection system activated, launching the escape pod with Samus Aran inside before the ship itself collided with asteroids. Having been picked up by the BSL transport, Samus Aran was brought to the Galactic Federation HQ, where the Federation’s best physicians tried to save the intrepid Space Hunter’s life. As her suit could not be removed while Samus was unconscious, surgeons were forced to surgically remove parts of it due to the X that had infected the suit’s biological systems. The scientists of the Federation were able to develop a vaccine based on a cell culture of the last Metroid. As the Metroid must have been the predator that had kept the X numbers in check, it was theorised that the Metroids were immune to X infection. This theory paid off and the life of Samus was saved by the vaccine.

In the meantime the infected parts of Samus Aran’s power suit where sent to the BSL facility in orbit around SR388. Having more sophisticated equipment there, the scientists might be able to remove the X infection without further damaging the suit’s technology. Unknown to the scientists, the X organism inside the suit parts had absorbed enough of Samus Aran’s genetic material to create a duplicate of her. Integrating the parts of her suit, and using the X’s own ability to recreate technology to make up for the missing parts, the X organism assumed the shape of Samus Aran. It also gained her intelligence and memories, gaining the knowledge to use technology, but none of Samus Aran’s reason and values. The result was a cold blooded killer armed with incredible weaponry and technology and no morals and ethics at all. Its first action was to escape the container that had stored the parts of Samus Aran’s suit. Using a power bomb, the SA - X blew up the container it was trapped in but also other containers that contained specimens infected by X organisms.

In the following hours after its escape from the Quarantine Bay the SA -X had engaged the BSL’s labs defence systems and security guards as they tried to stop the progress of the X throughout the station’s many sections and habitats. By the time the Galactic Federation had finally received the station’s distress signal, most of its personnel had either been killed or was now infected by the X who seeked to absorb their knowledge or simply fed on them. When Space Hunter Samus Aran had been sent in to investigate, she had several run ins with the SA - X that was working on its own agenda. As Samus lacked the abilities at the time to engage the SA - X, she was forced to hide or to outrun the SA - X during encounters. Especially when Samus started to regain her abilities and strength, the SA - X started to show more alertness to her progress, making the SA - X’s ability to comprehend a situation clear. It could by now even foresee things and try to prevent certain developments. It pursued Samus Aran into the BSL facility’s Nocturnal Habitat when Samus was forced to take out a security robot gone rogue. With no other choice Samus retreated into a sealed off section where she discovered one of the station’s more secret purposes.

Sensing its natural enemy, the Metroids nearby, the SA - X immediately changed its attention on them instead. From the knowledge it copied from Samus Aran it knew how to engage Metroids and now tried to destroy all the Metroids that had been bred in the hidden laboratory Samus and the pursuing SA - X had found. This proved to be the last decision the original SA - X ever did, as soon after it destroyed the containment pod that held the Metroids it was attacked by dozens of them who sensed the strong bio energy inside the SA - X. Samus managed to escape the hidden laboratory just in time before it was seperated to prevent the Metroids from escaping. She watched how the auto destruct system kicked in and destroyed the laboratory together with the Metroids and the original SA - X. From her commanding officer Adam, Samus learned that the SA - X reproduced asexual through means of dividing, and that by now there were ten SA - X’s located through the station. Even worse, the Galactic Federation had taken an interest in the X, especially the SA - X and wanted to capture these lifeforms in order to study the X’s unique abilities.

With help from Adam, Samus headed towards the station’s control room in order to make the station intercept SR388 and detonate in its atmosphere, destroying the planet’s surface and all the life on it. Although an extreme decision this was the only way to prevent any X from escaping into the galaxy where they surely would have destroyed all galactic civilizations in their instinctive search for form and intelligence. Before she could reach the control room, Samus was forced one more time to engage an SA -X that tried to prevent her from accomplishing her task. Samus succesfully engaged the SA - X and destroyed its outer form, forcing it to return to its original shape. Samus did not get the chance to absorb the released Core - X that was the basis of the SA - X as it fled into the ventilation system.

Returning to her own vessel to escape the BSL facility’s destruction, she found instead of her parked ship, an open torned docking bay and a massive Omega Metroid that had been responsible for this. Its improbable that the escaped SA - X returned to save Samus Aran, but it came to her rescue when the Omega Metroid had almost defeated Samus. The SA - X tried to attack the Metroid and made several succesful attacks before being slain by it. Samus absorbed the once again released Core - X and regained her Ice Beam weapon. This allowed her to destroy the Omega Metroid and escape the doomed laboratory.

The SA - X was indeed a very unique lifeform, mimicking the Space Hunter Samus Aran almost perfectly, but it lacked her values and ethics which had made Samus a heroine. Had the Galactic Federation tried to capture the SA - X, it would have surely overwhelmed the Federation forces and used their knowledge to escape into space. Mimicking Samus Aran on her most strongest, the SA - X is a most formidable fighter indeed. Wearing a power suit that uses components of Samus original power suit it had access to all the Space Hunter’s weaponry which included several beam types with various abilities such as the Charge Beam, Ice Beam, Wave Beam, Spazer Beam, and Plasma Beam. Two types of missile weapons; the normal Concussion Missile and Super Missile. Two types of bombs: the normal Bomb, and Power Bomb. And of course the deadly Screw Attack that is capable of destroying even the most heavily armoured opponent.

And unlike a normal X, the SA - X also possessed intelligence and knowledge to use technology and plan out attacks. Together with the copied memories and experience of Samus Aran it would have been capable to create havoc on a galactic scale if it had been allowed to escape the BSL station. Like Samus Aran’s original suit, the power suit the SA - X wore was also susceptible to piercing weaponry such as the Plasma Beam weapon. Samus was also capable to temporary freeze it with her Ice Missile weapon and damage it with her own Screw Attack upgrade. But like Samus, it stayed on the move at all times, avoiding most of Samus’s weapon fire in an attempt to corner her. When Samus tried to attack it with the Screw Attack, it used its own Screw Attack or used concentrated energy fire to damage Samus while she was moving through the air.

Only through her determination and courage Samus finally defeated perhaps her most powerful opponent, ending its reign of terror and avenging the crew of the BSL facility it had murdered. Its highly unlikely that another SA - X will appear again as through the actions of Samus Aran the entire X species and all its varieties have been made extinct. However should the impossible still happen, the Galactic Federation should indeed worry as the SA - X mimicks the Federation’s greatest defender perfectly, and is capable of reproducing in large numbers within months. The ultimate doomsday scenario would be an army of SA - X’s overrunning the galaxy, destroying any other sentient lifeform they come across.