Creature Name: Sciser (sie zer)
Height: 2 m

Mass: 100 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Sciser is a large, crab-like creature. It behaves exactly like the Geemer, walking steadily around platforms and walls. It is quite a bit faster and better armored than the Geemer. It has razor-sharp claws, but they do not seem functional. Instead, they seem to have evolved into pretty much fixed guards to protect the creature from attack. It is amphibious, functioning equally well in and out of water. It appears to feed on plants that grow in the area it walks on. The Sciser comes in 3 varieties, the tan and green varieties live in Crateria, while the red ones live in Maridia. It is thought that the green coloration of the green Sciser might have evolved during a period of time when Crateria had lots of vegetation, like the green Alcoon, but the very existence of this period is subject to intense debate at this point, and has yet to be proven.

Scisers reproduce sexually, with both male and female varieties present. The female lays eggs in the ground, and then the male fertilizes them as it passes over. The eggs soon hatch into new Scisers which lack the sharp claws. The babies hide in the dirt until their claws have grown, upon which they leave their burrow and starts behaving as an adult.