Name: Serris
Length: 6 m
Mass: 1 metaton
Homeworld: Quai’lishi

Serris originates from the water covered world of Quai’lishi where it is the ultimate predator in planet’s almost bottomless oceans. The Serris has a long sepentine body that is divided in heavily armoured segments, but it does not move through water by moving its body like sea snakes or other sea animal with a serpentine body do. Instead it has a series of tubes running through its body, through which the Serris can force water, mimicking the working of an old style jet engine that takes on air which is forced out by the engine through the exhaust. Serris can move very fast with this mechanism through water and hunt prey. The Serris also is capable of moving with hyperspeeds by a mechanism that is comparable with that of the Speed Booster upgrade created by the Chozo. By generating small fields of dispursal ions the Serris can cut both water and air friction, it also increases its kinetic energy, multiplying it. For more information see the ‘Speed Booster’ section.

The Serris uses this to attack heavily armoured prey or to widen up openings when pursuing prey that tries to escape Serris by hiding inside underwater caves. This also makes the Serris incredible dangerous to deep sea probes, submersibles and even surface craft as the Serris is very territorial and interprets these as intruders and competitors. Origins of the Sarris are little unclear but as it has a very strong carapace and no internal skeleton its ancestors might have been crustaceans, not fish. During their evolution these gave up whatever pinchers and legs they might have had and instead focussed on becoming very fast swimmers. Serris reproduce by a male impregnating a female Serris, but outside mating season male and female Serris live separate and become very hostile when the other member enters their territory. Once every few months male and female Serris come together to mate and reproduce. Once the male has impregnated the female, he immediately leaves as the female might see further presence as a hostile action.

She then carries the fertilised eggs, which are up to a thousand, inside her body for several months until the small Serris hatch and leave their parent’s body through the opening designed for that. As young Serris are capable of hunting right after they are born, the mother Serris does not look after her young, leaving them up to fend for themselves. Not surprising that young Serris find themselves at the bottom of the food chain when leaving their parent, and many become food for the the lifeforms that find themselves prey to the mature Serris. Scientists of the BSL station in high orbit above SR388 were able to keep a male specimen in the station’s Aquatic Habitat, but had to take several precautions to make sure that Serris was kept under control as it was capable to cause severe damage to the habitat if it had managed to escape.

Serris was one of the first creatures that became victim of the X organism when Samus was forced to lift the security lock outs that had sealed the Aquatic Habitat prior. When Serris was totally absorbed by the X, it made itself into a duplicate and used its Serris form to cause structural damage to the Habitat, forcing Samus who still thought that she was dealing with the original Serris, to put it down. By absorbing Serris’s DNA, the X gained the ability to move at hyperspeeds, turning it into a Mega Core X. Samus managed to defeat the Serris form and made the X revert back to its normal form. After having destroyed its shell, Samus absorbed the Mega Core X and regained her suit’s Speed Booster ability.