Creature Name: Shaktool (shak tool)
Height: 2.4 m
Mass: 320 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Shaktools were autonomous work robots developed by the Chozo to dig tunnels and expand caves on Zebes. This allowed Chozos to expand their livable space and connect walled-off areas. Many holes used for doors were carved out by Shaktools. Today only one Shaktool remains. It is operating in Maridia. It appears it was set up there to clear out routine cave-ins that were cutting off access to the Spring Ball item. A destroyable pipe was put to keep the Shaktool from digging over the same area indefinitely and possibly getting crushed in a cave-in. When the Chozos were destroyed, the Shaktool continued to operate. Its self-repair systems continued to function, and without interference it continued to follows it original program.

The Shaktool basically just walks in a cartwheel fashion, spinning the blade on the moving arm as it moves it through the air. This arm grinds up dirt and/or rock, depending on the settings, as it goes. When the arm touches the ground, the blades continue a little farther, embedding themselves in the ground and thus gripping it. This allows the Shaktool to walk on walls or even ceilings. The remaining Shaktool is programmed to only destroy the loose dirt that was causing the cave-ins. Shaktools are incredibly lack intelligent programming. They have no understanding of their own behavior or its consequences; they simply move and spin their blades no matter what is happening around them. The Space Pirates appear to ignore it as it does not affect them.